Large Dutch insurance company

Motivation and engagement for the insurer’s 100% digital collaboration were at a low level. Employees became demotivated, which is why this large Dutch insurance company started playing the game “Smart Collaborators: Working from Everywhere Together”.

Game elements

  • Looptijd 5 weeks
  • Duur 45 min. per per player per week
  • Game Teams within the organisation
  • Doel Engagement and motivation

Our approach

Because of COVID-19, this entire company is working at home and employees are becoming more demotivated in their online collaboration. Time to play our newest game: “Smart Collaborators: Working from Everywhere Together”!

How did that go?

  • Teams which collaborate daily or weekly could register.
  • The game lasted 5 weeks, with a new mission opening up each week.
  • Players could play when it was convenient for them.
  • Motivation and engagement were a key focus of this game. This meant concepts like the mental space players and their team inhabit, and time to experiment. For example: Are the meetings effective and do they give energy or mainly require energy? Is there room to walk or exercise during a working day if that helps you? Giving appreciation and having attention for each other or for the customer. Team reflection using Office 365 and the learnings which come from that.
  • Together with the customer, we adjusted the game to achieve a successful completion.


The game was completed successfully! Besides the knowledge they gained, players also experienced improvement through better work agreements, vitality, and synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. Players also indicated how much time they spent on the game.

  1. The game experience of the participants
    Quote from a player: ‘Making work agreements, learning how to use tools, having more balance between work and movement — I find all of these to be very positive and I learned these in a fun and playful manner.’
  2. The improvement in more effective collaboration
    Through having better work agreements and attention for vitality, continuing to communicate with each other and having more personal conversations.
  3. The improvement in more efficient collaboration
    Through, for example, applying the knowledge and the use of synchronous and asynchronous methods.
  4. Potential time savings
    In the game, players indicate 1 method which provides the most time savings for them.


Read more about the game ''Smart Collaborators: Working from Everywhere Together''
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