What does the Cue do?

The Cue develops ready-to-play games to be used by organisations. In these games, we help teams in a fun way to become better in digital collaboration (with Microsoft 365).
In doing so, we contribute towards productivity, motivation, and the engagement within teams.

The games on our platform have been developed with the help of our tried and tested gamification methodology. This includes elements of play as well as the theory of change management and performance management.

Our gamification methodology

At the Cue, we have more than 6 years of experience in the use of gamification to set behavioural change in motion. When designing each game, we look at the ideal picture of digital collaboration. We look at what behaviour is required to make the most of effective and smart digital methods (including those based on Agile and Lean philosophies). Then our game designers set to work. This is how we arrive at fun, challenging games in which employees — in just a short period of time — are challenged to apply new knowledge directly in their practical situation. Important components of our games are:

  • competition, challenge, and learning from each other;
  • development in daily practice;
  • acquisition of new knowledge and skills;
  • improvement of individual and team results.

Our games are always played as a team, on the basis of voluntary participation, and in competition with other teams. And the fact that our game platform is scalable offers a considerable advantage. This scalability enables a large group of people to develop new knowledge and skills simultaneously.



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The benefit of games from the Cue

Our games have several unique features and benefits compared to traditional trainings or other interventions. The key benefits of our games are:

  • Any time, anywhere, any device: You play the games from the Cue where and when you want and on whatever device you want. This could be on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Limited investment of time: Teams set to work over a period of five weeks. Depending on the game, this takes an average of 30 minutes per week per participant.
  • Immediate feedback: While playing the games, participants receive immediate feedback so they learn quickly and can improve their results.
  • Measurable results: The games from the Cue continuously show participants the progress and the improvement in results they’ve made during the game.
  • Fun while working: Employees experience fun and a feeling of connection while playing the games, which is a nice change from the rest of their daily work.

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Games for teams who want their digital collaboration to be smarter and more effective

Effective and fun digital collaboration is more important than ever. Whether we are working in the office or from home, collaboration requires our attention. We believe that teams should develop themselves — in terms of soft skills (which discussion do we have with each other) as well as technical skills (which tools do we use in which way) — in the methods they use on a daily basis, such as for effective meetings, management on the basis of facts and numbers, and smart communication. In recent years, therefore, the Cue has developed various games which fit these themes and give you tips about Office 365 applications while you’re playing the game. View our portfolio of games below.

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Knowledge Gainers Fundamentals

Do you want to digitally collaborate on documents with your team more effectively and more pleasantly? Are you done with all those e-mail attachments and with searching for the right versions of documents? In the game “Knowledge Gainers: Fundamentals”, you and your team will learn how to collaborate more effectively using Microsoft 365 applications such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and Delve.


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Meeting Masters Fundamentals

Do you strive for more effective decision-making within your team and/or organisation? And would you like to have meetings that give you energy? Then “Meeting Masters: Fundamentals” is the ideal game for you to play. In “Meeting Masters”, you and your team will improve the structure, preparation and dialogue of your meetings. You do this using Office 365 applications such as OneNote, Outlook and Teams.

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Smart Collaborators Working from Everywhere Together

Do you want to collaborate smarter (digitally) with your team without losing sight of the importance of your team members’ well-being? And are there certain (digital) methods which you want to refine further? Then “Smart Collaborators: Working from Everywhere Together” is the ideal game for you to play. While playing the game, you and your team will learn how to collaborate (digitally) more pleasantly and more effectively using Office 365 applications such as Team, OneNote, Planner / To Do, and Whiteboard.


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Play our games and make a positive impact on your team’s productivity, motivation and engagement.

We often see that the focus is on (1) increasing productivity, (2) improving digital skills, or (3) giving attention to job satisfaction. We believe that collaboration can be more effective and more pleasant and that the smart use of Office 365 demonstrably contributes to these objectives.  That’s why, in our games, we aim for improvement in all three of these themes.


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Teams improve their effectiveness by an average of 20%.

25 min.

After playing a game, employees save an average of 25 minutes per person per week.


After playing a game, 80% of the employees feel connected with his/her team.


View our frequently asked questions here. If you don’t see your question, feel free to contact us.

Are your games (or is gamification) suitable for all ages?

Gamification is for everyone. Gender, age, ethnicity, educational level — all of these play no role in gamification. Even the type of organisation or the sector in which you work doesn’t matter. The most important factor is for teams and participants to determine themselves whether they want to play. After all, gamification is about the intrinsic motivation to want to learn and develop. We develop games for Office 365 which anticipate various levels of knowledge.

Why do the games contain an element of competition?

In order to respond as much as possible to the various needs of participants, our games take account of different types of players. One person may want to discover, another is looking for personal improvement, and yet another prefers to beat everyone at the game. For a number of player types, the competitive element plays an important role in their motivation to play a game.

Is gamification a guarantee of success?

In recent years we have enjoyed great success with the use of our games. This is apparent from the experiences of our customers and the results they have achieved.

There are a number of elements which are important for this success, such as good communication prior to the game, the right timing and the energy and will to use gamification. Playing a game is also voluntary, so success also depends on what your team makes of the game.

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How many players can play the game simultaneously?

Our games are played by a minimum of 50 players, divided over at least five teams, per time/round. This is a minimum requirement so that the element of competition functions well. There is no maximum number of participants. Our games are played on a digital and scalable platform, so you can easily reach a large group of people, wherever they may be located.

How do I introduce your games within my organisation?

You receive a package from us with standard communication resources which you can personalise and use to promote the game within your organisation. Teams then register on a voluntary basis. Using a standard format, you collect the registrations. We help you determine goals and involve stakeholders. Finally, we prepare the game for you, we give all participants access to the game, and then it’s Game On!

How do the games tie in with our own communications?

Our games are white label. This means that we can adjust the look and feel to the corporate branding of your organisation. There are also various options in the game where we can refer to your organisation’s policy, programmes, or trainings about Office 365, for example.

What about privacy and security?

Throughout the game play, we (as the Cue) maintain a high standard with respect to privacy and security. We only record the required information: name, e-mail address, and Experience Points. This last item is an abstract number which is difficult to trace back to actual performances in the workplace. During the game, you as customer are provided data from the game. After the game is completed, these data are stored in a coded manner and are definitively deleted after a fixed period of time. You as customer or participant can also ask us to immediately delete all data. In addition, we naturally satisfy all standard national and international requirements with respect to privacy and data security. And we regularly perform pen tests to test the security of our platform.
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