The Cue builds effective, efficient, and pleasant team collaboration.

The Cue improves employees’ engagement, motivation and productivity by teaching teams in a playful manner how they can collaborate better and properly use Office 365.

In our ready-to-play games, we inspire employees to work together smarter and faster. Over five weeks, employees set to work as a team with various assignments which can be conducted during the daily work activities. As a result, employees learn by doing in a direct way and create a sustainable change (in behaviour): a win-win for everyone. While playing our games, attention is paid to:

  • acquiring new knowledge and learning from colleagues;
  • applying new knowledge directly in daily practice;
  • enjoying friendly competition and fun;
  • improving measurable results.
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This is the impact of Office 365 gamification

Play our games and make a positive impact on your team’s productivity, motivation and engagement.

We often see that the focus is on (1) increasing productivity, (2) improving digital skills, or (3) giving attention to job satisfaction. We believe that collaboration can be more effective and more pleasant and that the smart use of Office 365 demonstrably contributes to these aims.  That’s why, in our games, we aim for improvement in all three of these themes.

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Teams improve their effectiveness by an average of 20%.

25 min.

After playing a game, employees save an average of 25 minutes per person per week.


After playing a game, 80% of the employees is better connected with his/her team.

Our games

Our games respond to various needs and objectives. Below are three of our most popular game. Curious which game best fits your needs? Contact us and let us advise you without obligation!

On average, our players give our games and their experience an

The Cue helps us in reaching a large group of colleagues in an accessible and fun way. Their games help our colleagues to immediately put to use new methods of working. As a result, we see the use of Office 365 and the productivity really taking off!

NN Group

With games from the Cue, we help employees to genuinely change their behaviour as a team. And that last item is the success factor. Partly thanks to our games, the increased use of Office 365 and the creation of good work agreements have become a topic of discussion.


Cecilia van Delft & Ineke van de Geest, Changemanagers | Digital Workplace

Working with the professionals of the Cue — during and after playing the game — was a pleasure. The results have given rise to the start of an APG-wide programme: We Decide! And we are going to take up this programme further in collaboration with the Cue!


Wout Bucker, Innovation Hunter

Start improving with the Cue

Do you also want to learn — with your team or with your entire organisation — to meet more effectively, share information more easily and/or collaborate smarter with the help of Office 365? Then start improving with the Cue today!

Start improving with the Cue today!

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