Knowledge Gainers Fundamentals

Do you want to digitally collaborate on documents with your team more effectively and more pleasantly? Are you done with all those e-mail attachments and with searching for the right versions of documents? In the game “Knowledge Gainers: Fundamentals”, you and your team will learn how to collaborate more effectively using Microsoft 365 applications such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and Delve.


Practical information

  • Looptijd 5 Weken
  • Duur Gemiddeld 30 minuten per week
  • Speelwijze Teams binnen organisatie
  • Doel Samenwerken aan documenten
  • Start met the Cue

What will you do?

During five weeks of playing the game “Knowledge Gainers: Fundamentals”, you and your team will set to work on how your team collaborates on files. Each week, a new mission opens up with different assignments, such as learning where (and where not) to save documents and how to collaborate on, share, and easily find documents.

Together with your team, you take part in a competition with other teams within your organisation. This means you are all striving for a spot at the top of the rankings! You carry out the individual assignments when it suits you best. The team assignments are added directly to your team’s meeting agenda. In other words: learning and development in daily practice!

Which tools will you use?

Digitale vaardigheden, samenwerken in de cloud

What will you learn?

Using Office 365 applications such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and Delve, you will obtain insight into existing and potential bottlenecks when creating, editing and sharing documents. Naturally you do this without sending e-mails, using version management or deploying other ineffective, frustrating and time-consuming methods.


What can you expect each week?

Week 1


You become acquainted with the platform, and you measure how effective your team’s current (digital) meetings are and identify where there is room for improvement.

Week 2

The path documents take

Discover together which Office 365 applications you use in which phase of collectively working on documents, what your frustrations are in doing so, and how others experience this.

Week 3

Create individually & create collaboratively

Learn how to use shortcuts when sharing documents in Teams, stop sharing attachments in e-mails, thank colleagues who do this well, and receive feedback on things you are already doing well or things which could be done better.

Week 4

Create collaboratively

Welcome your team’s fictitious new team member and think about your welcome document. How do you quickly onboard this new employee in your team’s methods?

Week 5

Search and find

Learn how a document is precisely not found. This is the exact opposite of what you want — and provides some necessary amusement. You conclude with a Quickscan to see how much progress you and your team have booked by playing the game.

Want to play this game?

Would you like to play this game with at least ten teams within your organisation? Contact us without obligation.


On average, our players give our games and their experience an

The Cue helps us in reaching a large group of colleagues in an accessible and fun way. Their games help our colleagues to immediately put to use new methods of working. As a result, we see the use of Office 365 and the productivity really taking off!

Nationale Nederlanden

With games from the Cue, we help employees to genuinely change their behaviour as a team. And that last item is the success factor. Partly thanks to our games, the increased use of Office 365 and the creation of good work agreements have become a topic of discussion.


Cecilia van Delft & Ineke van de Geest, Changemanagers | Digital Workplace

Working with the professionals of the Cue — during and after playing the game — was a pleasure. The results have given rise to the start of an APG-wide programme: We Decide! And we are going to take up this programme further in collaboration with the Cue!


Wout Bucker, Innovation Hunter