Meeting Masters Fundamentals

Do you strive for more effective decision-making within your team and/or organisation? And would you like to have meetings that give you energy? Then “Meeting Masters: Fundamentals” is the ideal game for you to play. In “Meeting Masters”, you and your team will improve the structure, preparation and dialogue of your meetings. You do this using Office 365 applications such as OneNote, Outlook and Teams.

Practical information

  • Looptijd 5 Weken
  • Duur Gemiddeld 30 minuten per week
  • Speelwijze Teams binnen de organisatie
  • Doel Leren en verbeteren als team
  • Start met the Cue

What will you do?

During five weeks of playing the game “Meeting Masters: Fundamentals”, you and your team will set to work on structurally improving your meetings. Each week, a new mission opens up with different assignments, such as completing a quiz, making work agreements and reviewing meeting agreements made by other participating teams.

Together with your team, you take part in a competition with other teams in your organisation. This means you are all striving for a spot at the top of the rankings! You carry out the individual assignments when it suits you best. The team assignments are added directly to your team’s meeting agenda. In other words: learning and development in daily practice!

Which tools will you use?

Digitale vaardigheden, samenwerken in de cloud

What will you learn?

Using Office 365 applications such as OneNote, Outlook and Teams, you will gain insight into your team’s current effectiveness and “meeting hygiene” and how you can improve these. Think here of which work agreements have been made, where the frustrations can be found, and the extent to which meeting qualities of the different participants are known and can be utilised.


What can you expect each week?

Week 1


You become acquainted with the platform, and you measure how effective your team’s current (digital) meetings are and identify where there is room for improvement. Ready to play?

Week 2


You share your personal meeting annoyances and record work agreements with your team in OneNote. This is how you create more clarity and reduce your frustrations. You also learn from other teams by reviewing the work agreements they have made.

Week 3

Meeting Tactics

You learn what a good meeting agenda looks like. Together with your team, you determine the meeting objective and you refine the agenda in OneNote. In addition, you determine the allocation of roles within your team during the meeting.

Week 4

Ready to play

You experience what it’s like when everyone is better prepared for a meeting by using a shared agenda via a link in Teams. You also learn about other useful OneNote features.

Week 5

Enjoy the fun

Experience the pleasure during your improved meetings. Use a method from the game to make your meeting even more fun and effective. Finally, you and your team collectively reflect by doing a “retro” and improve your meetings in a structural manner.

Want to play this game?

Would you like to play this game with at least ten teams within your organisation? Contact us without obligation.

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