Smart Collaborators Working from Everywhere Together

Do you want to collaborate smarter (digitally) with your team without losing sight of the importance of your team members’ well-being? And are there certain (digital) methods which you want to refine further? Then “Smart Collaborators: Working from Everywhere Together” is the ideal game for you to play. While playing the game, you and your team will learn how to collaborate (digitally) more pleasantly and more effectively using Office 365 applications such as Team, OneNote, Planner / To Do, and Whiteboard.


Practical information

  • Looptijd 5 weken
  • Duur 45 min. per speler per week
  • Speelwijze Teams binnen organisatie
  • Doel Leren en verbeteren als team
  • Start met the Cue

What will you do?

During five weeks of playing the game “Smart Collaborators: Working from Everywhere Together”, you and your team will set to work on structurally improving your (digital) collaboration. Each week, a new mission opens up with different assignments, such as completing a quiz, making work agreements about digital or hybrid collaboration, and improving the energy balance within the team.

Together with your team, you take part in a competition with other teams in your organisation. This means you are all striving for a spot at the top of the rankings! You carry out the individual assignments when it suits you best. The team assignments are added directly to your team’s meeting agenda. So, you’ll be learning and developing in daily practice!

Which tools will you use?

Read here about the case of a large Dutch insurrance company
Digitale vaardigheden, samenwerken in de cloud

What will you learn?

Using Office 365 applications such as Teams, OneNote, Planner / To Do, and Whiteboard, you’ll gain more insight into how matters are organised within your team and you’ll learn how to collaborate smarter with your team. You’ll discover different forms of (digital) communication and the possibilities of physical, hybrid and digital collaboration. Attention for the balance of energy within your team is also not forgotten. In the game, you’ll receive downloadable content with new methods of working, energizers and check-ins.


What can you expect each week?

Week 1

Introductie en Calibrate

You become familiar with the platform, you investigate which forms of (digital) communication are preferred by your team, and you make work agreements about your team’s way of communicating. Ready to play?

Week 2


You learn more about office types where it concerns time management, and you learn about synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. You receive tips & tricks about digital collaboration and discover those used by other teams.

Week 3


You learn which meeting can take place fully digitally, which is better held physically, and when a hybrid meeting is fine. You learn about different energizers you can use during meetings and you exchange tips about this with other teams.

Week 4


You learn all the in’s and out’s of the applications Planner, To Do and Tasks, and you devote attention to the balance, well-being and vitality within your team.

Week 5


Experience the pleasure of your team’s improved (digital) collaboration. With your team, you reflect and determine which work agreements are most helpful. Finally, you conclude with a Quickscan to see how much progress you and your team have booked by playing the game.

Want to play this game?

Would you like to play this game with at least ten teams within your organisation? Contact us without obligation.


Start improving with the Cue

On average, our players give our games and their experience an

With games from the Cue, we help employees to genuinely change their behaviour as a team. And that last item is the success factor. Partly thanks to our games, the increased use of Office 365 and the creation of good work agreements have become a topic of discussion.


Cecilia van Delft & Ineke van de Geest, Changemanagers | Digital Workplace

Working with the professionals of the Cue — during and after playing the game — was a pleasure. The results have given rise to the start of an APG-wide programme: We Decide! And we are going to take up this programme further in collaboration with the Cue!


Wout Bucker, Innovation Hunter

The Cue helps us in reaching a large group of colleagues in an accessible and fun way. Their games help our colleagues to immediately put to use new methods of working. As a result, we see the use of Office 365 and the productivity really taking off!

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