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Een uitdaging die vragen opriep

Drie jaar geleden nam ABN AMRO de ingrijpende beslissing om werkplekken te moderniseren met een overstap naar Microsoft 365. Medewerkers kregen hiermee een totaal andere toolset voorgeschoteld dan ze gewend waren. Een uitdaging die allerlei vragen opriep.

Weten ze de tooling wel goed te gebruiken? Halen ze alle voordelen er wel uit? En hoe voorkom je dat ze toch alternatieve (niet goedgekeurde) oplossingen gaan gebruiken of om de haverklap de IT-helpdesk bellen?

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Boost motivation and engagement with a game? But how?

By playing our new game Smart Collaborators: Working from Everywhere Together, teams realise a positive impact on their motivation and mutual engagement. Often, we are asked how that exactly works. Part of the answer lies in the design of our games. To give you a behind-the-scenes look, we interviewed Kim Verbon, game designer at the Cue.

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Register now for the demo of our newest game: Working from Everywhere Together

By now, everyone has experienced the impact of prolonged periods of distance working. Clear team agreements, communication, vitality and motivation have all come under pressure for many employees.


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Participate in the webinar from the Cue about motivation and engagement in digital collaboration (on 28 January 2021)

Engagement and motivation are key factors for an effective collaboration. But to achieve them in a hybrid or virtual team is not so easy. Everything just works a bit differently online. It’s not without reason that this topic is of great concern to many CEOs.

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The positive impact of gamification on employees’ vitality, motivation and engagement

Workers in the Netherlands are increasingly realising that working from home is becoming the “new normal”. Even when we are once again able to go to the office, many organisations will elect to use a hybrid working model in which employees can work at home, at the office, or elsewhere. And they would be justified in doing so, because working in a flexible manner offers many advantages. But this approach also has its risks, including mental fatigue, lack of motivation, and decreased job satisfaction. That’s why organisations are massively searching for ways to keep their employees productive and engaged for the long term. Gamification start-up The Cue saw this need and developed the game ”Smart Collaborators – Working from Everywhere Together”.

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Which intervention should you deploy for a successful Office 365 adoption?

Maybe you’re familiar with this situation: you’ve just had a training or coaching session about something new. You’re enthusiastic, inspired and eager to set to work on it. Until you get to the office the next day, and you find your day is actually over before you have even been able to apply something you learned from that training yesterday. Is this due to your lack of perseverance? How do you make sure that you can immediately use that new knowledge? And when do you know if that training was effective?

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How I approached working from home during the second wave of the coronavirus

I’ve been working completely from home again since the September of last year. The “outings” to the office are now no longer possible. Yes, that’s how it felt last summer. A bike trip to the station, the train ride, brief conversations at the coffee machine, and saying lengthy goodbyes to my colleagues at the end of the day. I found working from home in combination with some days at the office to be really very pleasant. But from 28 September, after the tightening of the measures, I am again working 100% from home. This is what it did to me.

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The future of collaboration in relation to working from home, job satisfaction and productivity

The topic “The Future of Work” is high on the agenda of many organisations. Although this is a wide-ranging topic, we wanted to study which issues are really popular and have priority with respect to working from home, productivity and employees’ job satisfaction.

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Want to keep effective online collaboration fun? This is how.

Because of the coronavirus, working from home has become a necessity for a large part of the Netherlands. While it’s incredibly fine if this is possible, not every organisation has experience in this respect. How do you collaborate effectively with your team? How do you collectively determine priorities? How do you smartly organise your working day? Below, we share 4 practical tips to make optimal use of your working day at home!

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Live Event: Collaboration, but then online

We believe that collaboration is the key to success. To stand up to the coronavirus and to continue paying attention to each other.

But how do you collaborate well, now that you have little physical contact with others? How do you still meet effectively with each other — as a team and as an organisation? And how do you keep an overview? The answer to all of these questions is: online collaboration.

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How do you change habits and routines at work?

We all have them: routines and habits we would rather abandon or those we specifically want to learn. From quitting smoking, eating fewer sweets, or not drinking (too much) coffee to running or exercising regularly. Some actions are so ingrained in our system that we barely think about them while we’re doing them. I (Lisanne) recently took on the challenge to stop drinking coffee for 66 days, and also to stop sending e-mail attachments.

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The 3 building blocks to connect teams and team members to organisational objectives

The success of a team is in being able to visibly contribute to an organisation’s objectives through the team’s goals. At the same time, these team goals can be converted into weekly team tasks. The circle is then complete when team members derive their daily work (personal tasks) from these team tasks. This is how you develop action-focused teams which provide a genuine contribution to the organisational objectives. You also create engaged team members who clearly see that they are making a valuable contribution to the success of the company.

But is this easier said than done? The three building blocks for achieving this, as well as how the productivity suite of Office 365 can help in doing so, can be found below.

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