Participate in the webinar from the Cue about motivation and engagement in digital collaboration (on 28 January 2021)

Engagement and motivation are key factors for an effective collaboration. But to achieve them in a hybrid or virtual team is not so easy. Everything just works a bit differently online. It’s not without reason that this topic is of great concern to many CEOs.

The Cue 06/01/2021

What are the focus points for a good online collaboration within teams? What are the stumbling blocks? What is going on at the individual level and what is happening at the team level? And how can gamification contribute to an effective and pleasant collaboration?

Are you a manager who is responsible for this topic, or do you deal with it a lot in your own daily work? And are you curious about the answers to the above questions? Then register for this free webinar.




This webinar has already taken place.

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