The Cue is de dagelijkse inspiratie voor teams om slimmer digitaal samen te werken met Office 365

The smartest way of learning
is doing

Increase scalable adoption

We believe that gamification is the right method for reaching a large group within an organisation in an approachable manner. That’s why we have developed an Office 365 Gamification methodology with the aim of increasing adoption 

Using our online gamification platform, we encourage putting collective learning into practice. There is no limit on the number of players which can use this platform.. Teams determine for themselves where and when they begin. Triggers and measurements of results motivate players to display new behaviour in their own working environment. 

User scenarios

We understand what the end user needs for effective collaboration and which Office 365 applications help achieve that. That’s why we work with user scenarios such as effective meetings, smart collaboration on documents, and managing on the basis of facts and figures.

Implementation and learning

We learn what works by seeing it in practice. We believe it is important to measure what works and to make adjustments where things can be done better.

Focus on the person

When it comes to changing their way of working, employees have different needs. Our adoption approach coordinates with their wishes and work situation.

Right interventions

In our adoption approach, we teach end users new ways of working. Some 70% of what we learn takes place on the work floor, 20% in talking about it, and 10% in the classroom. We call this the 70:20:10 model.

How does gamification work?

Gamification is based on the unique combination of performance management and game theory. It triggers desired behaviour and the application of new habits with Office 365.
This makes employees and teams more productive.

Why does it work? 
Office 365 gamification is set up from the idea that employees want to get a little better every day: Working smarter (together), making work more enjoyable and helping customers even better. In the games, each user's scenario (for example, more effective meetings) looks at which Office tools support users.

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Office 365 Gamification

Office 365 gamification has been Office 365 gamification has been developed from the belief that employees want to become a little better each day – whether it’s working/collaborating smarter, making work more fun, or doing an even better job of helping customers. In each user scenario within the games (such as more effective meetings), we look at which Office tools can offer support to users. de user scenario within the games  per gebruikersscenario (bijvoorbeeld effectiever vergaderen) gekeken welke Office tools gebruikers ondersteunen. 

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