Game platform

On the online platform of The Cue, you play various games. You determine when you start working and when you and your team take the step towards better collaboration. 

Our gamification platform has been built by change consultants, psychologists, coaches and game developers. Years of experience in change management, performance management and game theory come together in this one tool.

Multi-device platform

Available for everyone on all popular devices.


Applicable for teams of 10+ players.

Measurable results

Meetbare progressie van teams op effectiviteit en office 365 adoptie.

Multiple languages

Beschikbaar in het Engels en Nederlands.

For all levels

Suitable for all levels of digital ability and team development.

Insight in progress

Each player has insight into his or her progress as well as that of the team.


On the platform you will find generic games designed specifically for every Office 365 user. This way you learn step by step how to work with less time, easier.

Office 365 Games have been designed for the following themes:

Effective meetings
Improve your structural team meeting, your start-of-day meeting or department meeting.

Smarter collaboration
Improve the collaboration among your colleagues. Share information with each other so that you can also achieve results together.

Effective management using facts and figures
Provide insight into results by making the right graph from that table you’re looking at and discuss these results with your colleagues.

Share information
Share knowledge with your colleagues, avoid duplicate work, and easily find the right information.

Our games

Meeting Masters

Verbeter samen met je collega’s jullie vergadering met gebruik van verschillende Office 365 applicaties.  Het doel van de game; to save time, increase team satisfaction, and meet more effectively. 

  • You and your colleagues receive (easy) assignments which help you to have a quick and effective meeting. Get to work and pay attention to the ideal preparation and agenda.
  • Improve your meeting and earn points and badges each week.
  • Learn which applications make your meeting easier, such as OneNote, Outlook and Planner.

In short, you are challenged to have a better meeting structure, to collaborate better, and to become more action-oriented. You apply what you have learnt in your personal working environment so that you can see immediate results.

Smart Collaborators

How do you keep your team members up to date? How do you work together on a document? Play the game Smart Collaborators and optimise your team’s collaboration.

  • Send fewer e-mails and save time by using Microsoft Teams.
  • Play for 5 weeks, 20 minutes per week, and gain insight into your collective progress on collaboration.
  • Together with your team, build upon your objectives and learn how you can easily share knowledge.

Give your collaboration a boost and learn how Office 365 can help you achieve this.

Would you like to learn more about Office 365 adoption or gamification? Just contact us!

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