The Cue

Play, experiment and perform.
That is what we do. 

We believe that collaboration can always be smarter, more fun and more efficient, and that technology can help to achieve this.

Our origins

The Cue is a spin-off of the organisational consultancy firm House of Performance.
This background offers several advantages:

20+ years of consultancy experience in improving performance on the work floor and implementing change management and performance management.

5+ years gamification experience in teaching the application of new methods of working in a fun and challenging manner.

We are specialised in the application of gamification along with change management and performance management. We use this knowledge and experience to increase the adoption of Office 365. Our games make the application of Office 365 and the improvement of team performance fun, challenging and scalable. The Cue works with Microsoft because we believe that smarter, more fun and more efficient collaboration is achievable in every modern working environment.

Would you like to learn more about Office 365 adoption or gamification? Just contact us!

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