Do you and your team want to collaborate more effectively online using Office 365?

Then register your team now for our game: Smart Collaborators – Working from home. 

More effective online collaboration


Our gamification solution enables you and your team to get the most out of your online collaboration. By playing the game, you’ll learn how to conduct a virtual meeting, maintain team involvement, simultaneously work on documents, and manage for optimal progress towards your team’s goals.

Effectief online samenwerken

How does it work, exactly?

You play the game on our online platform. During the game, you and your team members will receive individual and team assignments over a period of 2½ weeks. While completing these assignments, you will learn – in a fun way – how to make smart use of various Office 365 tools, such as Microsoft Teams.

In addition, we have built an element of competition into the game. By successfully completing the assignments, you’ll earn points and badges by making progress. You, as a participant, receive tips and tricks about online collaboration and you maintain the group’s energy at a high level during your collaboration!

How can I register my team?


I want to play with my entire organisation or entire department

Jij wil de game met meerdere teams (minimaal 5 teams van 3-15 personen per team) spelen. Deze teams werken al samen en maken gebruik van Office 365*. 

Register your organisation/department by e-mail!

 * Weten of je met Office 365 werkt? Check it on this website.

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