Adoption of Office 365
for smarter collaboration
in the modern working environment

Curious how you can get the most out of Microsoft Office 365?
We trigger new behaviour with our gamification platform
so that that teams will work in a more efficient way

Every employee wants to get their work done easier – and, naturally, so do you. 
The Cue gives you the energy, knowledge and structure you need to
improve the way you work. In order to do so, we use gamification to increase your Office 365 skills.

This way you become more productive and thrive in the modern environment.

Our gamification platform

On the gamification platform, we challenge players and teams
to perform better in the modern working environment – one step at a time.
Play the various games and develop your Office 365 skills.

Our platform is built by change consultants, psychologists, coaches and Game Developers. 
This platform consists of more than 5 years experience in change management,
performance management and game theory, all together in one tool.


+ 0 %
Impact adoption
+ 0 %
Impact productivity
0 /10
User experience

Meeting Masters

Having the most effective meetings.

Are you frustrated by all those endless, ineffective meetings? With the Meeting Masters games, you and your team will discover how you can have more effective meetings – one step at a time. Simultaneously, you’ll learn how to work with the relevant Office 365 applications.

Smart Collaborators

Better performance through smart collaboration.

We believe every team can improve their way of working!
With the Smart Collaborators games, you will learn how you as a team can perform better by working together smartly in your own modern working environment. Simultaneously, you’ll learn how to work with the relevant Office 365 applications.

+ 55 %
Impact adoption
+ 37 %
Impact productivity
8 /10
User experience

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